Monday, July 25, 2011

Procession of the Hunters and Scavengers

This is piece 2 of 3 for the "Ritual" show at Causey Contemporary. The whole idea was sort of based on the idea of an annual harvest/hunt. A lot of medieval art depicts scenes of hunts, and this is paying a bit of homage to those images. This piece was challenging because of the large number of objects, animals and figures in the work. Also, quite a few of these things are overlapping, so that took a bit more planning in the sketching stage. I also thought it would be fun to have the girl as the only figure looking directly at the viewer. As I spoke about yesterday, my drawings for the show were also inspired by the ballet music "The Rite of Spring". If I had to choose what part of the music corresponds with my image, it would probably be the scene titled "Ritual Action of the Ancestors." Pretty fitting!

my sketch

India ink on paper - 18" x 24"

detail shots below:


Shawn Graziano said...

Awsome, Will this be a print for sale in the future?

Jon MacNair said...

Yeah, I think so!