Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yesterday I dabbled with some watercolors. Today I worked with graphite. I'll probably be doing more with that tomorrow. I haven't worked with graphite in a LONG time, at least not in a way that counts as rendering. I may have been in college the last time I really drew that way with pencil. Still not sure about the results, but this is all experimental. I'm rusty for sure, or maybe I just never improved with that medium. I bet if I keep at it I will become a lot more comfortable with it and it will eventually lend itself to the style of drawing I've developed. Too early to tell right now.

I still need to use those wood panels I have in a pile in the corner....

more later...

P.S. Got my work for the Portland show all sent out. Pretty excited to see how that goes. Not too far away.

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