Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monsterbation 2 Show: Monstrously Erotic

Just wanted to post some pictures of the recent "Monsterbation 2" show at Pony Club Gallery in Portland. Jason Fischer has assembled a great group of artists once again for an erotic art show of monsters and creatures.

Here is a scan of my piece for the show. I paid homage (or parody?) to the famously bizarre painting "Gabrielle d'Estrees et une de ses soeurs" by an unknown artist. Ironically, the painting to which I am giving nods to has nothing to do with eroticism, but more fertility and motherhood. You can read more about that HERE if you are interested. Below is what the original painting looks like.

To see more pictures of the show, go HERE.
To purchase works from the show, go HERE.

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