Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New work - "Ravished"

This is a piece I completed last month for the "Nature of the Beast" show at Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle. I had a few small works going into the show, and I thought I should also have a larger more intricate piece as well. Something you could really spend some time looking at. It took a while to get the whole composition figured out, and finalize all the details of the various creatures. I had an inspiration for this piece, which was the temptation of Saint Anthony. If you have seen images of this in art, you'll know what I'm talking about. Often this scene consists of a bunch of demons clawing and pulling at Saint Anthony in mid air. A pretty striking image. I've always remembered it and wanted to pay some sort of tribute to that. This was a fun piece to do despite the time crunch I was under. I had a lot of textures to draw, so that was probably the main thing I had to consider, next to the composition. It's a lot of figures and they are very much interlocked together, so sketching it out was my least favorite part. If you live in Seattle, head on over to Flatcolor and have a look :)

details below:

purchase this work here:!/2011/10/nature-of-beast-group-show-october-6th.html