Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santiago Uceda/Jon MacNair Sketchbook Collaboration - Part 2

before and after pictures......

The left page was kinda blank, so I just made the background gray and then decided I wanted to paint something yellow over top of it. I like that combination. The fish just kinda came to mind, and then the text is taken from a short story by one of my favorite authors, Shirley Jackson. On the other page, "P" is for "pink" or "people" or maybe even puke (hmmm....not sure about this).

The face on the left page was just begging to be made into a skull. The rest of the body just kinda followed. I added the eyeballs later. Makes him kinda kooky looking. The green creature on the right makes me think of a flying grape or something. Maybe I was hungry.....and the yellow iguana was cut out of an old science book. I colored it.

This one I just kinda colored the hell out of. The little figure to the far left is cut out from an old stamp, and the whole text I added at the end. It's from Macbeth. I thought the guy looked kind of kingly......but doomed too.


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